WeatherBug Elite - If you want to spend the small $1-2 for this, I recommend it. It is by far the best
weather app. It follows you around so your forecasts are always local. Radar is animated. Widgets
are clean looking (Long press on desktop, click add Android widget, and click Weather Bug). The
entire interface is polished and even has weather alerts for bad weather approaching. Other features
include 10-day forecast and hour-by-hour. A free less-featured version of Weather Bug is also

Wordfeud - I am playing Tina and Chance among others on this right now. It is basically scrabble for
Android. You find each other by usernames and just have an ongoing scrabble battle. Games
typically last a week and its never rushed. When you notice you have a notifcation, its your turn. You
can have up to 70 games going simultaneosly. It's fun. Get it. I will start a thread on MWC Facebook
page for you guys to post your usernames if you want to play. It is free in the market.
my name is tyler. i am a Fandroid.
The Good Apps The ones you should try out. They're awesome.
Handcent - The stock messaging app is nice, but
Handcent is nicer. It basically becomes the program
you text message in. It looks much nicer, is very
customizable, and is also free. The most popular
reason to download it is it can make your text
messaging look dead up like the CryPhone's if you
want it to. It also features a popup for new messages
as well, if you want to enable that. Literally every
aspect of text messaging is customizable with

SMS Wishes - Ever thought to yourself "Man I need
to make sure to text her tomorrow!"? Well with SMS
wishes you can. It is a delayed messaging app.
Choose your person(s), chose the time and date, type a message, and it texts them at that point in
time. When they respond it may catch you off guard, but the message the program sent for you is in
your text thread, so you will understand and go "oh yaaaaaaaaa!" and be all proud of yourself
because you "remembered" to text them! It's also free. Hit the market up!
SMSBackup - This app just backs up every text you send or receive to your Google account. Free,
and comes in very handy.

CallTrack - This app just backs up every call you make and receive to your Google calendar. Free.

ESPN Score Center - Free from the market. The best way I keep up with the Braves and Reds this
past season. You can add college and pro sports and it will text you when they play, score, and end
their games. In the app itself is tons of stats for your teams and other useful stuff. For NFL, this
pales in comparison to Verizon's NFL Mobile, so you will want to download that one for sure (if you
haven't already). For every other sport, use
ESPN Score Center.

PicSay / PicSay Pro - Add literally anything you
want to pictures you take. Add animations, text
boxes, bubbles, transform pictures, filters,
everything. Pretty sweet. Pro gives you more
options, but both Pro and free are in the market!

Dropbox - I love this app. Install it on your phone
and on your computer and you can drag and drop
files between the devices. For example, if I want a
picture from my phone to my computer, i put the
picture in the Dropbox folder, and within a few
minutes, its also on my computer. Legit, and free.

SpeedTest.Net - This just tests your wireless
speed. If you are on Verizon's 3G network, any
download speed over 1000 kbps is good. The
faster, the better. In Lexington, it rarely goes over
1000kbps, but in Louisville, its typically around
1,800kpbs! Thats fast! As far as uploads, anything
over 700kbps is good. Free.

Paper Toss - Just a fun game where you try to
throw the wad of paper in the trashcan. Passes time
pretty well. Free.

Fring - This app is just a messaging program
all-in-one. It supports AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, on
and on. But heres the kicker - it also supports video
calls. Try it out if you want - free.

MicDroid - Auto-tune for Android. Don't really need
to say more. Free.

Bump - Transfer files between Android's and
CryPhones by just bumping them together. Works
like a charm. Free.

Amazon Kindle - This awesome app lets you read
books on your Droid. The app is free, the books
cost cash money's.

Google Voice - As used as your voicemail service
instead of Verizon, it offers free visual voicemail.
This means you do not dial a number to get your
messages. Instead, they are listed like text
messages. You click on them to hear the message.
Google voice also transcribes these messages for
you. Free

Google Goggles - This nifty little app lets you see
whats around you by using your camera. Stand on
any street corner, turn the app on and pan the
camera towards any building. Any business inside
will show up on the screen as you move your
camera. This is perfect for places you arent familiar
with. Free-nintey nine!

Tuth or Dare (by Mangobird) - This free app is definitely a throw back for most of us because
thats the game we played at our 6th grade pizza and coke (with caffeine!!!) parties. Before
graduating to spin the bottle, truth or dare was the way to pass the time with friends. This app
does just that. You add everyones name and click play. It shuffles the names and picks one. Then
it asks if you want a truth or a dare. If you wish, you can "make it dirty" (as seen to the left) for
more potential embarassment. Then, a nice camera icon appears so you can make that moment
last forever. A few of us played this game with this app for a few hours in Chicago, and if you look
hard enough, you may find a picture or two on Facebook from that night. This app is free in the
market, and if you are so inclined, there are also "PG" and "gay" versions at your disposal.

Send me your app comments and I will try to add them all for everyone to see. I also have more
apps to add. Next update is tonight! (10/16/10)