my name is tyler. i am a Fandroid.
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Whats up ladies and gents? This is Tyler here, sittin in my apartment in little ol' Lexington, Kentucky. Man I wish I could go back to all of us meeting at the airport and getting
ready for that friggen sweet weekend. We cant do that but I know we will all kick it again soon. Until then, grab a beer and mute the TV: I got something you need to see.

I have had an android phone since the orginial Droid came out last October. I have always had Verizon since I was a little kid but when I saw the Droid, my BB Storm started
getting old, fast. My buddy Phillip took me gambling and soon I had $600 in my pocket. I walked into my Lexington Verizon store and walked out with my shiny new Droid.

I was hooked. I always liked the iPhone, but the Droid quickly made the iPhone feel old, slow, and limiting. Thats the thing, there are really no limits with Android. Unlike
Apple, Google's software is not closed, that is, they want users to mess around with their OS and see what they can do- for the most part.

Needless to say, that $600 was the best money I have ever spent. Then, in July of 2010, my contract was up so I dropped $270 (with a 1 year contract) on a Droid X.
Honestly, the Droid is a better phone than the Droid X. The X is faster, bigger, and lighter, but the Droid is stock Android...nothing else. The Droid X and Droid 2 have
Motorola's "skin" on top of it. Still, the Droid X and Droid 2 are phenomenal phones.

Let me tell you how to make your new Droid 2 more important than anyone or anything else you have ever seen. To do this, I am just going to tell you everything my Droid X
and Droid 2 can do...then tell you how I did it. You can too.

It is Monday morning, 4:00AM. My phone is laying face-down charging. Whenever the phone is plugged in AND laying face-down, this puts the phone in sleep mode. I have
set sleep mode to silence the sounds except my alarm. Drunk texts and calls dont wake me. There are a few numbers like my parents and my brother that will ring no matter
what, but I know my mom calling at 4:00AM is not a drunk dial...its important. In addition to the silent texts, it will respond to them automatically with "zzzzzzzzz" to let them
know I am sleeping. When 8AM rolls around, its time to get up. Now, when I get up in the morning, its never fun. But my D2 makes the morning easier. I set my alarm for
8AM. Starting at 730, it plays a beep VERY lightly. If my sleep cycle is light (meaning the best time to wake up), I will hear it and wake up feeling SCHWEEET. If I am in deep
sleep, I will continue sleeping. At 7:40 it tries the light beep again. If I still dont get up, it tries once more at 7:50 before sounding the full alarm to wake me at 8. I always wake
up before the 8AM alarm, and I never feel drowsy. The sleep patern-matching alarm is awesome. Once I am awake, I pick the phone up and look at all the bullcrap I missed.
Now that the phone is not face-down anymore (yet still plugged in), sleepmode deactivates. WiFi is automatically turned on and it connects to my apartments wireless. When
my phone is connected to wireless (plugged in or not), I am obviously in my apartment so I know I wont need LOUD ringers or text alerts, so they are set to 40%.

I get up and get dressed, pack my protein shake, and head for the bridge to campus. As I leave, the Wifi disconnects. The phone ringers go back to loud mode so I can hear
them better. I reach for my headphones. I plug them in to the D2. This does 3 things: First, it launches the music app immeidately. Then, it turns the headphone volume to
40% so I dont kill my ears. Music starts playing on shuffle mode. Finally, text notifications are set to vibrate only so the music doesnt pause for texting or WordFeud
notifications. Perfect. I walk to class jamming to music. Avenged Sevenfold, to be exact. Their new album is LEGIT, check out Fiction...The Rev wrote it 48 hours before he
died...its an intense song. OK. I get to campus and go into the student center to meet my bud Cameron. I walk in and its kinda loud in there from all the people chattin. Droid
knows this. The volume of my headphones increases slightly so it drowns out the background noise. I pass the crowd, the volume lowers back down. This is like the radio in
the Lexus's that turns up the volume when you open a window. Same deal. This phone is legit. I unplug the headphones when I see Cameron. The music pauses and text
notifications go back to LOUD.

Since I am now on campus, the campus wifi connects. Once it sucsessfully connects to UKY wifi network, D2 knows I may be in class. So, "class mode" is activated. Ringer
is off- for everyone. Text notifications are off- for everyone. If my mom or dad (or any designated number) calls 3 times in a row, the phone vibrates on the 3rd time to alert me.
My parents calling 3 times in a row is serious. Its halfway through class. My friend Cece called me to ask me about a project, but I missed it since it was on silent. Its cool.
Google Voice lets me READ her voicemail. I dont even have to listen to it, it types out everything she said. I shoot her a quick text and call her after class.

Every text I send and receive is backed up to my google account. No more "dude I texted you about that". Shut it, no you didn't.
Every call I make or receive is backed up to my google account. Not the recorded call, but the call start and end times.

I am walking out of class calling Cece. We are talking. My phone vibrates in my hand and I look and see that Chance has played "HOE" on WordFeud. I put Cece on speaker
and reply to Chance's "HOE" with "CUM". Yeah, I did.

I finish talking to Cece and my phone vibrates again. Its a calender alert. I gotta meet Tina in 10 minutes for an event. Droid knows about all our events because I put them on
my Google Calendar as well as TourTracker. Google Calendar is integrated into D2's calendar. Nice.

We do our event and I head home. Headphones in. Same deal. I am meeting Cam to work on homework in an hour. We usually study on campus at the willy t, but today we
are going to his buds. I hop in the Jeep and roll on to Cam's place. My Jeep has Bluetooth for phone calls, so that connects. Since I am connected to my cars Bluetooth,
there is no need to waste D2's battery by leaving the wifi on, so it is automatically deactived. I scoop Cam and we realzie we dont know how to get to his buds new place. This
is where either VZ Nav or Google Nav comes into play. I am not familiar with VZ Nav so I will use Google for now. I say 'Lexington Royal". Droid starts talking and telling me
when to turn. Cam and his iPhone are speechless. My mom calls me during the route. APPARENTLY my cousin got some girl prego and theres a baby shower this weekend
that I need to go to. Cool, thanks Warren. Im kidding, him and Jenny are awesome and he will make a great dad. So mom is talking and all of the sudden I realize I am
forgetting what the Google Nav was telling me. Then, I hear it: Google Nav just jumps into my conversation with my mom. It went like this: "So, Tyler, your dad and I think you
need to come home for Warren- AT HARRODSBURG ROAD, TURN LEFT AND CONTINUE"-'s party. I know it would mean a lot to him." Thats awesome. I can continue to
talk to whoever calls and Google Nav wont forget about me. Legit. We head into the apartment. The Bluetooth disconnects which re-activates the wifi.

Later that day i head to JC lift with my brother and my weights, reps, and sets are all recorded using JeFit. Its sweet. I beat all my weights from the last chest day! Nice! We
get back in the Jeep and I get home and still feel like a good 3 mile run (Im a hoss, you prolly already know that). I activate CardioTrainer app. CardioTrainer uses GPS
satellites to track my run and all the stats surrouding it while playing music on my "workout" playlist. I can even run against old times if I want.

I get back home and turn on the TV and relax. The wifi connects, turning the volumes back down. After making dinner and working on some homework for an hour, this guy is
tired. I shower then hop in bed, plug the phone in, and place it face-down on the nightstand. Then, I sleep.

Sweet alarm clock app: Gentle Alarm by Mobtobi. Take the time to set it up right. You will love it.
Automating everything: Tasker (this may be confusing at first, but as you saw, its a great app. Take the time to read all about it- it can do damn near anything you want)
Also- about Tasker- I am going to put up a full step by step way to use it and how I use it. I will be doing this sometime this weekend (most likely). Tasker is a confusing app,
so I will try to help you out.
Auto headphone volume: Auto Volume Adjust
Track your runs: CardioTrainer
Track your lifts: JeFit