my name is tyler
The Good Apps The ones you should try out. They're awesome.
AccuWeather Elite - If you want to spend the small $1-2 for this, I reccomend it. It is by far the best weather app. It follows you around so your
forecasts are always local. Radar is animated. Widgets are clean looking (Long press on desktop, click add Android widget, and click AccuWeather).
The entire interface is polished and even has weather alerts for bad weather approaching. Other featurs include 10-day forecast and hour-by-hour. A
free less-featured version of AccuWeather is also availible.

Wordfeud - I am playing Chance on this right now. It is basically scrabble for Android. You find each other by usernames and just have an ongoing
scrabble battle. Games typically last a week and its never rushed. When you notice you have a notifcation, its your turn. You can have up to 70
games going simultaneosly. ITs fun. Get it. I will start a thread on MWC Facebook page for you guys to post your usernames if you want to play. It is
free in the market.

Handcent - The stock messaging app is nice, but handcent is nicer